GCCTCN Membership

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GCCTCN Membership

To submit a profile to our searchable faculty profile database, please complete this fillable PDF and return to smtomlin@rice.edu.

GCCTCN Executive Steering Committee:


Krešimir Josić, Chair, U. of Houston   josic@math.uh.edu (713)743-3485


Fabrizio Gabbiani, BCM   gabbiani@bcm.edu (713)798-1849

Harel Shouval, Vice Chair, UTHealth  Harel.Shouval@uth.tmc.edu (713)500-5708


Prahlad Ram, MDACC  pram@mdanderson.org (713)563-4227

Xaq Pitkow, BCM/Rice U.  xaq.pitkow@rice.edu (713)348-3292



GCCTCN Faculty Members:


List of Faculty Profiles

Interested in joining the TCN Consortium? Please contact Kresimir Josic, chair; Harel Shouval, vice chair; or Suzanne Tomlinson, GCC.