Tony Gorry Tribute

Tony Gorry, PhD, our long-time friend, treasured colleague and a founder of the Keck Center for Computational Biology in 1990, passed away on October 28, 2018. Despite his a long illness, he was a sought after and inspirational teacher and leader who continued to be engaged in Keck Center activities whenever possible. Tony was also, for 23 years, a member of the Keck Executive Committee and the Program Director of the National of Library of Medicine (NLM) training program, first in Medical Informatics, then in Computational Biology and Medicine, and more recently in Biomedical Informatics. This was the first inter-institutional training grant for the Keck Center, and it remains the largest and longest standing of the six current Keck Center training programs. As a visionary, Tony promoted multidisciplinary training with a novel and highly effective concept of “duel mentoring” in which each trainee has one mentor from computation or mathematics and a second from biomedicine or healthcare. And famously, in our Keck Center community (and beyond!), he kept encouraging us to think not only of tomorrow’s advances, but also the “system after next.” Without question, he has had an immeasurable impact not only on NLM trainees but also on the many trainees of Keck Center training programs that followed. We continue to recognize Tony’s foresight in understanding that the emerging field of computational biology would reshape medicine in important ways as well as his keen interest in the ways technology supports knowledge management and communities of practice and the ways information technology changes how we think and know about the world and about each other. We will remember Tony always, along with his immense contributions to our community and the field of computational biomedicine.


Tony Gorry, left, with Monte Pettitt and Wah Chiu,
all co-founders of the Keck Center, along with Kathy Matthews, not pictured.